Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Relaunch of To Seduce an Earl

As you may or may not know...

Last spring Amazon's publishing branch Montlake purchased the rights for To Seduce an Earl and the two books that will follow. Today is the relaunch of To Seduce an Earl!

When I wrote this book is was a rather unique story for me. I'm the kind of author that tends to have a lot of action in my books and external struggle. To Seduce an Earl was the first book I wrote that focused more on emotion, or the internal. Yes, the book is rather unique in that its about male prostitutes in Victorian England, but I wanted to make sure it had some emotional realism to it. I was greatly relieved when I got this review from The Season:

“Brighton perfectly captures the detachment sex workers develop to cope with their lives (yes, my day job as a social worker recognized this right away).” — The Season

That wasn't the only great review. I was lucky enough to get a review from the highly esteemed Library Journal as well:

“An original story line, well-developed characters, and a plot-full of …sexual intrigue…Fans of Johanna Lindsey will enjoy this work”– Library Journal.

As Johanna Lindsey has always been a favorite, I was thrilled with this review!

There will be two more books in the series, the second coming out sometime in the spring. For now I'm giving away 3 signed copies of the paperback! Just leave a comment. And if you'd like another chance to win, I'm giving away 3 more copies over at Magical Musings!  


  1. Have not read this one yet but would love the chance! I enjoyed your mind readers series and enjoyed it very much even though I am not a young adult :)

  2. I love this book I have it on my kindle it would be awesome to have a signed copy of it. I am glad to see that there will be more books in this series. Yeah I guess you could call me a Brighton fan girl lol

  3. Alex and Grace! I loved loved loved this story!

  4. Congrats on the relaunch :)
    would love to win a signed copy.

  5. Well big congrats t o you! This is on my to-read list as I've loved every thing else you've written :-D

  6. Last year I became aware of your books. I absolutely love them.

  7. **jumping up and down** congrats on the relaunch!!! But I'm pouting cuz I didn't know!! Lol. You know I love ya and am soooo thrilled for you and the relaunch of a wonderful story!!! You know without a doubt I want to be included in this!!!! You know I would love win a signed copy!

  8. Gosh you don't know how many times I've read and re-read this book. I have been waiting for the second book forever! Can't wait!

  9. I have a Nook and can't seem to find this book at Barnes and Noble, any advice where it can be found?